Key Stage 4 is the time when you make important decisions about the path to take for your future career, and it is very important to make the right choices.


Compulsory Subjects

The compulsory subjects of the English National Curriculum ensure that you have a balanced and diverse educational base. They are English Language, Spanish Language, Mathematics, Core Science, Physical Education, and Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE).

  • IGCSE English Language
  • IGCSE Spanish
  • IGCSE Mathematics
  • IGCSE Statistics
  • IGCSE Science – Double Award
  • IGCSE Biology
  • IGCSE Chemistry
  • IGCSE Physics


Option Subjects

The Option Subjects of the English National Curriculum will be arranged into 3 blocks and you can choose to study 3 subjects, one from each block.

  • IGCSE Business Studies
  • IGCSE Drama
  • IGCSE Fine Art
  • IGCSE Food and Nutrition
  • IGCSE Chinese
  • IGCSE French
  • IGCSE German
  • IGCSE History
  • IGCSE Geography
  • IGCSE Information and Communication Technology
  • GCSE Music
  • IGCSE Travel and Tourism
  • GCSE Physical Education


Alternative Awards

  • Cambridge English Award
  • Spanish studies