In Years 12 and 13 students refine their choice of subjects to those of which relate to their future preferred career choices. In Year 12 the study AS Level and in Year 13 they study A Level and these exams are seen to be the gold standard of academic pre-university education.

Throughout the Sixth Form our students follow an extensive enriched curriculum which includes careers and futures advice, community service and work-related learning. In addition our Sixth Formers are our senior student ambassadors and help to mentor younger pupils ad provide enrichment opportunities throughout the school.

The Model United Nations and Debating Society are both particularly popular at this age and students have the opportunity to take part in national and international events.

A level subject

The Advanced Level, universally referred to as an A-Level, is a qualification offered by education institutions in the UK and abroad. A-Levels are widely recognised around the world as the standard qualifications that UK universities use to assess a student’s eligibility for a degree course.

A-levels may be a UK qualification, but they are accepted by universities around the world. They give our students a great opportunity to specialise, which they would not get with the IB, for example.

Our aim at Laude San Pedro is to help our students make the right decision about their A-level courses.


  • A Level Fine Art
  • IA Level Biology
  • IA Level Business
  • IA Level Chemistry
  • A Level English Language
  • A Level English Literature
  • IA Level French
  • IA Level Geography
  • IA Level German
  • IA Level History
  • A Level Information Technology
  • IA Level Mathematics
  • IA Level Further Mathematics
  • A Level Media Studies
  • A Level Music Technology
  • IA Level Psychology
  • A Level Physical Education
  • IA Level Physics
  • IA Level Spanish


One of the amazing things about our students is that they do not see geographical barriers to their learning; our objective is that students will achieve beyond their dreams so it is extremely important that we enable them to do so. They will make applications to universities around the world and can do so confidently because of the expert support that they have in school. We have a large team of specialists available to help them including a Careers and Futures Advisor, Head of Sixth Form, Technical Director, Head of Bachillerato, Head of Secondary School and the School Principal. This experienced team of professionals help the students to make informed choices and support them and their families throughout the process.