Throughout life, it is not just our qualifications that make us stand out from the crowd, but our qualities.

This is the message that Laude San Pedro International College preaches to its students and why Key Stage 4 students have the opportunities to develop these qualities by undertaking the Laude Development Award.

Split over three levels of difficulty, Gold, Silver and Bronze, students must complete work in 5 areas in order to achieve an award. Volunteering in the Local Community, Learning new skills, showing Service to the College and undertaking Physical Challenges are the key tenets of the award, with the Gold level students also having to complete a written activity.

This year students have completed their hours in volunteering in pet rescue centres, helping out older generations, coaching sports, helping out n primary lessons and undertaking an assisted reading programme with younger students. Major College events like the Charity Gala  and the Secondary Athletics Championships have seen students helping with event organisation.

Although several students have achieved qualifications for their efforts this year, it is the wider development of their personal qualities that will be most useful to them as they strive to achieve their future goals.