At Laude San Pedro International College we offer a healthy and balanced school menu. We cater for special diet needs including medical prescriptions and religious preferences and monitor these requirements throughout all age ranges.

School lunches are an integral part of our School Improvement plan and in 2018-2019 we have created a Food Committee which meets every term and includes a group of students, the Chef, the Head of Primary and the School Nurse. With their invaluable feedback, we are able to make periodic improvements to our school menu along with our recently installed electronic satisfaction survey, that both students and staff “click-on” as they leave the dining room.
In addition, every month we invite a number of parents who have a particular interest in this area to have lunch at the school’s dining room and eat exactly the same food as their children do on that day.

Unfortunately, these lunches have now been cancelled until further notice.

MENU – September 2021