We are a truly inclusive community school – we embrace the individuality of every child and ensure their safety and wellbeing is high priority, providing individualised support where needed.

«Amazing Learning» is our core purpose. Wherever you think your child might be in any subject or area, we assure you that they will do better than you can ever imagine possible.

We have a strong focus on academic standards – our GCSE and A Level results, as well as the Spanish Selectividad, are well above the national averages in both countries.

We offer Accelerated English/Spanish Programmes for our international students, as well as unique opportunities for secondary students, such as the Model United Nations and ISP Buddy Exchange Programme.

Music and the arts are celebrated in our school, giving every child the opportunity to embrace their creativity and develop their confidence.

Our British curriculum teachers are all native level English speakers and bring with them many years of UK and international experience.

Our Easter and Summer Schools provide wonderful opportunities for our international students to study in English, as well as learn Spanish and to appreciate a new culture.

Our school is operated by the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global group of 39 schools, providing us with outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.