Happy * Induction
The Induction students have worked very hard this year and achieved great end of year results so they certainly have every reason to celebrate and be HAPPY!
To celebrate we decided to make a video with thanks to Alzhana´s (Year 8) video talents.

KS3 Cultural Trip to Cadiz and Jerez
Our key stage 3 students from years 7 and 8, and Primero ESO had a great opportunity to visit some of Spain’s most historic and important cultural sites. A visit to Cadiz on the first day included a tour of the ancient city, a boat ride, a visit to the castle of Santa Catalina and a visit to the place where the first Spanish constitution was signed. Our visit to Jerez included the tour of the Equestrian centre, a tour of the famous Tio Pepe Bodega, and a tour of the Alcazar. We all had a great time!
MOVE YOUR FEET performed by KS2 is a street-dance based musical full of colour and energy. Four dance crews, BLAZE, HIPNOTIKS, SIZZLE and GIZMOS prepare for an upcoming dance-off at the local SKATEPARK. Meanwhile angry outsider Sam wars against one of the dancers – her overbearing older sister.  It's the story of Sam's journey into acceptance and reconciliation. Year 6 shine as they take on acting roles and show off their groovy hip-hop moves as well as explore feelings of isolation and acceptance, cruelty and kindness, success and failure, commitment and new beginnings. Year 3,4 and 5 also have their share of the limelight in this vibrant celebration and singing extravaganza that nearly blows the roof off the Gym. BRING IT ON!
Early Years' Trip to "El Pato" Farm

The children in Early Years went to visit the farm El Pato in Málaga and had a fantastic time. Not only did they see different animals, but they all got the opportunity to ride a pony, go on a horse driven carriage, got their faces painted and worked on the garden. Great day!


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