Enrolment at the Private School in Málaga

Laude San Pedro International College

Laude San Pedro International College is a private school in Málaga dedicated to the most innovative teaching and our programmes focus on language learning from the very first academic years, so that our students assimilate language skills at the same pace as they develop their mother tongue.

Welcome to Laude San Pedro Private School in Malaga

Welcome to Laude San Pedro International College, a place where a passion for learning and the holistic development of our students is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional educational environment, where every student is valued to reach their full potential.

At our private school in Marbella we believe in fostering a spirit of community, respect and academic excellence. We want to begin this educational journey with you, facing experiences, challenges and new successes – welcome to our family!

The educational excellence of an international school

At our private school in Malaga, educational excellence is the cornerstone on which every aspect of our teaching is built. As an international school, we offer a diverse and rigorous language-based curriculum that prepares students for the globalised world.

Our internationally recognised programmes foster critical thinking, creativity and multicultural understanding, ensuring that our students not only excel academically, but become responsible and engaged global citizens.

Our philosophy and commitment to quality education

We firmly believe that education is the most powerful tool for change and personal development, therefore, our commitment to quality education is reflected in individualised attention, the excellence of our teaching staff and investment in state-of-the-art resources and technology.

We focus on nurturing the potential of each student, offering a supportive environment that stimulates a love of learning and continuous improvement.

A nurturing and stimulating environment for the all-round development of pupils

Our school environment is designed to be enriching and stimulating. Beyond academic excellence, we promote the holistic development of our students through extra-curricular activities, many of which are integrated into our own environment, creating an environment where each student can explore their interests and talents. This holistic approach ensures the emotional, social and physical well-being of our students.

Educational offer adapted to the needs of each stage of education

At Laude San Pedro International College we develop a comprehensive educational programme, based on the English educational programme.

Infants (EYFS)

The Infant Education stage, based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), focuses on children up to 5 years of age. Learning takes place through play and practical activities, encouraging curiosity and discovery.

Early English language development, social skills, fine and gross motor skills, as well as the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics are promoted. The goal is to provide a solid foundation for future learning.


In the Primary stage, which runs from 5 to 11 years of age, pupils study key subjects such as mathematics and science, history, geography, art and physical education in depth.

English is taught comprehensively, improving fluency and reading comprehension.


The Secondary stage, from age 11 to 16, prepares students for GCSE examinations. The curriculum is expanded with more specialised subjects, and English remains a core area, crucial to academic success.

Students develop advanced analytical writing and debating skills, essential for both university study and everyday life.


En el Baccalaureate, students choose specific subjects for their A-Level examinations, focusing on areas of interest or future careers. This stage promotes greater independence in learning and perfecting English at an advanced level, preparing students for their future.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form covers the last two years of secondary education (16-18 years) and is a period of academic specialisation. Students focus on a few subjects, usually three or four, which they choose according to their university or career aspirations.

Proficiency in English is crucial, as students are expected to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in analysis, synthesis and evaluation in their papers and examinations.

Why choose Laude San Pedro International College?

These are some of the reasons why our private school in Malaga is a different academic proposal.

Outstanding academic track record and recognition in the educational community

Our institution prides itself on having an outstanding academic track record, with a history of outstanding achievements.

Over the years, we have been recognised for our academic excellence, pedagogical innovation and the success of our students, both nationally and internationally.

Highly-qualified faculty committed to educational excellence

The heart of our academic excellence lies in our highly qualified and deeply committed teaching staff.

We have a team of passionate and dedicated educators who have vast experience in their respective fields and are firmly committed to the development and well-being of our students.

Rigorous and personalised academic programmes

Our school distinguishes itself by offering rigorous and personalised academic programmes, which are tailored to the individual needs and interests of our students.

We strongly believe in the value of a well-rounded curriculum, which prepares students not only for success in exams and grades, but also for life beyond school.

Our focus on academic and personal excellence

We ensure the excellence of our programmes through three ongoing commitments.

Innovative and enriching academic programmes

Our school prides itself on offering academic programmes that go beyond the traditional curriculum, integrating innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies to enrich learning.

These programmes are designed to spark students’ curiosity and interest, preparing them for the future with a solid foundation in languages, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Individualised support for skills and talent development

We understand that each student is unique and has his or her own skills and talents, so we offer individualised support to ensure that everyone can reach their full potential.

Our personalised guidance programmes help students identify their strengths, overcome challenges and set clear goals for their personal and academic development.

Workshops and extracurricular activities that foster creativity and a passion for knowledge

Workshops and extracurricular activities play a crucial role in our educational offer, providing spaces where students can explore interests outside the classroom, foster creativity and develop their passion for knowledge.

Admission and enrolment process

To begin the enrolment process, please contact our admissions department.

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