Laude San Pedro International College is an international school in Marbella with a program aimed at academic excellence based on British and Spanish educational curricula, which allow us to offer our students a bilingual and multidisciplinary education.

Our main objective is to offer each of our students a future-oriented education, a training that will allow them to access the best international university education, and develop the professional career of their choice.

Laude San Pedro International College is a private school that insists on learning two languages ​​during the first academic years, including a third language during secondary courses. Beyond the educational programs, we attach importance to the learning environment and the motivation of the pupil. All our students have the guidance they need throughout their academic development and are able to enjoy a space focused on their happiness and well-being.

At Laude San Pedro International College, we aspire to enable all children in our care to achieve beyond their dreams in a safe and happy learning environment.











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An international school is an educational center whose academic program is structured around the teaching of languages. In our international school in Marbella, we have created an environment that goes beyond traditional learning, based on the memorization of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Our programs allow the student to test their communication skills continuously, acquiring a high level of communication and understanding from the initial grades of primary school. 

As part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), we offer our students the possibility of learning through international experiences and interacting with students from other countries, both with classroom activities and immersive experiences.

At Laude San Pedro International College we have developed an educational method based on excellence, languages, ​​and the motivation of each student.

The main advantage of our centre is the language-focused learning offer. Unlike other international schools in Málaga, our students not only learn English in the classroom, they also learn to communicate in a multilingual space, which encourages their communication skills.

We are an international school of preference in Málaga. We pride ourselves on the daily stimulus in our educational environment that allows students to obtain the best results in both national and international tests, acquiring a knowledge base fundamental for their future.

Another advantage of our centre is the teaching of values. Our teachers insist on the importance of knowing and applying values ​​based on solidarity, respect, empathy, and personal determination.

Our objective is to provide each student with the knowledge that allows them to develop intellectually throughout their formative years. Starting from a linguistic basis, we want to guide each student through their training. As students complete their objectives, they aquire the values ​​and knowledge necessary to face the beginning of their adulthood.

The international character of our school allows our educational programs to be oriented around language learning from a young age. The British curriculum stimulates your communication skills in English as well as additional languages throughout your training.

The International Schools Partnership offers us the perfect environment for the continuous learning of languages. We are comprised of more than 60 international educational centres that integrate this language-oriented platform as well as learning through immersive methods that we can bring into every classroom. 

Due to our participation in the International Schools Partnership (ISP), we are able to establish effective communication channels in the classroom, which are complemented with face-to-face international activities. We aim to foster the communication skills of our students in multiple languages and to encourage exposure to multiculturalism at an early age. 

Our international school in Málaga has a complete language programme, in collaboration with other international schools. In addition to the essential learning in the classroom, we give students the opportunity to communicate constantly with English-speaking students, as well as with students that speak other languages such as French or German. 

The training of a student is based on practical activities that allow them to test their knowledge. When a student graduates, they will be able to speak as fluently in other languages as they do in their native language. The beneficial experience that we provide is due to the effectiveness of our educational language program, highlighted through the success of our students. 

Laude San Pedro International College is the best educational option for your children’s future. The learning of a new language takes place mostly during the initial school years. During this phase, individuals have the ability to learn several languages ​​through a method based on the implementation of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Our educational process is oriented around hands-on teaching during these ages, stimulating the student’s abilities.

It is important that a bilingual school offers international activities. The International Schools Partnership allows us to participate in various activities, ensuring that our students learn English through an integrated method in their daily education.

The registration period for the next academic period is already open. If you have any questions about our teaching programs or want to visit our international school in Marabella in person, please get in touch with our team and reserve your place for the next course.