Enrolment at Laude San Pedro International College Bilingual School in Malaga

Our bilingual school in Malaga offers a complete educational proposal, based on a bilingual programme in which language learning is fundamental from the first years.

Welcome to Laude San Pedro International College Bilingual School

Education in a language-oriented environment, our philosophy and facilities are some of the reasons why our school guarantees a different approach to other bilingual schools in Malaga

Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment

At our bilingual school in Malaga we offer a quality education in an enriching environment, where bilingualism and multiculturalism are fundamental. We value and promote cultural diversity as an asset that enriches the educational experience of our students. Our bilingual programme, in collaboration with PSI’s educational approach, enables students to develop language skills in several languages, preparing them for a globalised world. We foster intercultural understanding and respect for differences, creating open-minded citizens of the world.

Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach

At the basis of our school is an educational philosophy that is distinguished by its differentiating pedagogical approach. We promote an active learning environment, where students are the protagonists of their academic and personal development. Our pedagogy is based on stimulating curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. We strive to provide a holistic education that prepares our students for the challenges of the 21st century, fostering the development of key skills, strong values and a sense of social responsibility.

Modern and safe facilities for the all-round development of students

We have modern and safe facilities that support the all-round development of our students. Our school is equipped with technologically advanced classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities and areas designed to promote comprehensive and stimulating learning. We prioritise the safety and well-being of our students, providing an environment conducive to their academic and personal growth. In our facilities, students have the opportunity to explore, experience and learn in an environment that is comfortable and suited to their educational needs.

Among the most important, we highlight the following:

  • An artificial turf football pitch
  • Two multi-sports courts 
  • Gymnasium with changing rooms for more than 400 people
  • Four computer rooms 
  • Multimedia laboratory 
  • Graphic design room 
  • Dining hall for 200 people and self-catering kitchen
  • Science laboratories to support the science curriculum up to A-Levels
  • Dedicated rooms: a theatre, food technology labs and a new radio studio
  • Library with thousands of books

Why choose our Bilingual School in Malaga?

The teaching method at our bilingual school in Malaga is based on immediate immersion, the possibility of obtaining official language certificates and the possibility of learning with native teachers on a daily basis.  

Language immersion from an early age

At our school, we believe in the importance of language immersion from an early age. Our educational programme is designed so that students begin to learn and communicate in English and other languages as early as infant school. We believe that this early exposure to different languages facilitates the development of strong language skills and authentic pronunciation, students have the opportunity to interact with teachers and peers in an environment that encourages active language use, which contributes to their fluency and confidence.

Internationally recognised official certificates in English and other languages

As part of our commitment to offering quality education, we offer the possibility of obtaining internationally recognised official certifications in English and other languages. These certifications are a reflection of our students’ linguistic proficiency, with differentiating academic opportunities in an increasingly globalised world. Our programmes are designed to prepare students for the official reference exams and ensure their success.

Native teachers and innovative methodologies for language development

We have a team of native teachers who employ innovative methodologies to foster students’ linguistic development. Our teachers create a dynamic and motivating learning environment, where multimedia resources, games and interactive activities are used to make the learning process stimulating and effective from the very first lessons. We value personalised teaching and individual monitoring to ensure that each student reaches their full linguistic potential.

Educational offer at our Bilingual School in Malaga at all levels

The learning of English at our bilingual school takes place at every stage of the school.


At the Infant stage, English language learning is mainly based on early exposure and play. Children are immersed in a bilingual environment where they interact with native or bilingual teachers in English. 


In Primary, the focus is on the acquisition of communicative skills. Grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension are taught. Active participation in practical classes is encouraged and multimedia resources are used. 


In Secondary, progress is made towards more advanced levels of English. Grammar is deepened and more complex topics are addressed. Students practise speaking and writing with a focus on effective communication. Certificate examinations are introduced to assess the level of proficiency.


In Bachillerato, fluency and preparation for advanced level examinations are sought. Discussion and analysis of texts in English is encouraged. Students are prepared for their next academic challenges at international universities. Infant School

Admission and enrolment process

The admission process to our school consists of several steps. First, we invite you to contact us to arrange a visit to the school or a Skype call. We will then complete the preliminary registration form.

Your child may be invited to an open day or an initial assessment and interview at the school. Once a place is offered in writing, it will be reserved while you complete the registration process.

Finally, to confirm the place, you will need to complete the registration documents provided and make the appropriate payment of the registration fee and deposit.

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit