English School in Malaga

Laude San Pedro International College is a school with a different academic approach. Our English school in Malaga gives language learning a leading role, that’s why all our educational programmes are oriented towards the real practice of different languages, starting in the preschool years.

Discover the English School in Malaga of educational excellence

If you are looking for an English school in Marbella, we are different from other bilingual schools in our pedagogical approach and modern facilities, both inside and outside our centre.  


Our pedagogical approach and commitment to quality education


Our pedagogical approach focuses on providing a high quality education, which fosters the holistic development of our students. We are committed to academic excellence, constantly seeking to innovate and adapt to current educational needs. 

We believe in learning that not only transmits knowledge, but also develops critical skills, creativity and deep analytical thinking. In addition, we value the importance of ethical training, preparing our students not only for their professional careers, but also to be responsible and conscientious citizens.

We also focus on language learning from the earliest grades, from a practical point of view.


Modern, secure facilities for an optimal learning environment


To support our educational approach, we have modern and secure facilities that provide an environment conducive to learning. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, facilitating interactive and dynamic teaching. In addition, we offer spacious and comfortable spaces that promote collaboration, fundamental aspects of a well-rounded educational development.

Why choose our English School in Malaga?

The reasons why our teaching method is different are as follows. 


Our track record as a reference in educational excellence


Over the years, we have developed an academic environment that not only focuses on educational excellence, but also on the personal and professional development of our students. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed us to adapt to the changes and challenges of the educational world, always maintaining a superior standard of quality. This approach has led us to be recognised for our achievements and to contribute significantly to the educational advancement of our students.


Highly qualified and committed teaching staff


One of the keys to our success is our highly qualified and committed teaching staff. Our native teachers are professionals with extensive experience in their field and a solid academic background. Our teachers are dedicated to the teaching and development of each student, providing a personalised education tailored to individual needs. 

This commitment to quality teaching ensures that our students receive a first class education, preparing them for the challenges of the future.


Enriching academic programmes and extracurricular activities


We offer a wide range of academic programmes covering diverse areas of knowledge, designed to stimulate interest and passion for learning. Our programmes are complemented by enriching extracurricular activities, allowing students to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom. 

From science and technology clubs to arts and sports programmes, we provide opportunities for every student to find their passion and develop skills essential to their personal and professional growth.


All-round development of pupils: academic, sporting and artistic


The holistic development of our students is fundamental to our educational philosophy. We believe in the importance of a holistic approach that encompasses not only the academic, but also the sporting and artistic aspects. Our aim is to develop students capable of excelling in different areas, with a broad vision of the world. This holistic approach ensures that our students not only achieve academic excellence, but also develop vital skills such as teamwork, creativity and resilience, preparing them to be responsible citizens.

English at our English School in Malaga at all levels

Language learning is very present in all academic stages.


At this stage, we introduce children to language learning through playful and adapted activities, fostering a natural environment of linguistic immersion.


We deepen language learning with interactive and practical classes, incorporating games, stories and projects to strengthen basic communication skills.


Students advance their fluency, focusing on grammar, conversation and reading comprehension, and participate in projects and discussions to apply the language in practical contexts.


In this phase, language proficiency is reinforced to reach an advanced level, preparing students for official exams and professional use of the language. In addition, we prepare our students for international university experiences.

Admission and enrolment process

The admission process consists of 5 phases:

  • Consultation
  • Registration process
  • Assessment or interview
  • Offer
  • Registration


If you would like to start the enrolment process for next year, please contact the Admissions Department at Laude San Pedro International College.

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