Hello all and welcome to the information page for Laude San Pedro International College’s Secondary and Sixth Form Section. My name is Mr Short and I am the Head of Secondary and Sixth Form. My role is to lead the students and staff within the section and help us all achieve great things.

I joined the school in April 2024, having been a teacher and leader at schools in the UK and Spain previously. I am so proud to now be the leader of the Secondary and Sixth Form Section at Laude San Pedro as this is a school with such amazing teachers and students with so much potential.

One of the key goals in any Secondary School is to allow students to leave school with the right qualifications at the highest level. We are proud at Laude San Pedro to offer a wide variety of qualifications that allow access to universities and employment all over the world.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, our students form part of Key Stage 3 (Link). This is the preparation phase for students joining exam classes later on in the school and is a fundamental bridge between Primary and Upper Secondary education.

In Years 10 and 11, our students are members of Key Stage 4 (Link). At this point in their academic  journey, we prepare them for their International General Certificates of Secondary Education (iGCSEs for short). These are similar to the GCSEs that students would study if they were attending schools in the UK. The main difference is that iGCSEs focus on international topics, rather than local ones. When studying for iGCSEs, students have a selection of core subjects (Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish) and they also have a wide variety of subjects that they choose 3 from in order to create their full collection of subjects. Alongside these, all students have 2 PE lessons per week and 1 PSHE lesson, which allows us to focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of each student.

We are proud of the iGCSE results that we achieve at Laude San Pedro. Many of our students walk away with top grades in multiple subjects. This is an amazing achievement and it sets them up perfectly for joining the Sixth Form.

Our students in Years 12 and 13 form the Sixth Form of the school (Key Stage 5, Link). Being the most senior members of the student body, they are given greater responsibility and independence. As part of their time here, they study towards their International Advanced Levels (iA-Levels). The students are able to pick between 3 and 5 iA-Levels to study and most universities will make offers based on 3. We have a wide variety of subjects that students choose from. iA-Levels are the gold standard in terms of pre-university preparation as they focus on depth of learning and problem solving as well as breadth. Our students go to universities all over the world and know that they are going to be joining courses that they are well prepared for.

As a complement to our KS5 offer, we also have our Extended Curriculum (link) which allows our students to take part in extra activities outside of their iA-Levels. This could be learning how to prepare certain meals, sports leadership courses, conversations in multiple languages, working towards the DofE Award (Link), running events for the school community and so much more. The idea is that the students are adding more and more skills to their collection which will help make them more well rounded and help with future applications.

As you can see, we have a busy school with lots on offer. Please do come and see us for yourselves. You will see the warm and welcoming community that we have here.

Best wishes,

Mr Joe Short

Head of Secondary and Sixth Form

Key Stage 3

Subjects taken at Key Stage 3 are:

Key Stage 4

Core subjects taken at Key Stage 4 are:

Optional subjects that students can choose from are:

Key Stage 5

Our subject choices in Sixth Form consist of: