Welcome to Laude San Pedro International College, and thank you for your interest in our school. I hope this website gives you an insight into the incredible learning opportunities we have for all our students, as well as the inspirational impact that every member of our community has on the development of the school.

We strive for exceptional learning and experiences that go far beyond the classroom. Our pupils are confident in their academic achievements and possess the skills necessary to study and work in an ever-changing world.

We are fortunate to work in a community of over 50 nationalities; our students are multilingual, global citizens who see no barriers in their learning journey. They study and work all over the world in a wide range of careers.

Our Laude values are embedded in all our school activities and celebrations. They reflect the identity of our students: to be truly generous with others, to have the courage to develop academic curiosity and to confidently pursue their own strengths and interests.

Our mission is for every child to achieve more than they ever dreamed of, in a happy and inclusive environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to excel.

I hope you enjoy learning about the history of our school, its current achievements and its plans for the future through the website, and that you will make an appointment to visit us.

I look forward to welcoming you personally to the school in the future.


Andrew Atkinson                                                                                                                                                                                      School Principal

Laude San Pedro International College was founded in 2004 and offers a personalised education that meets the needs of all our pupils. The curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum (ages 3 to 18), with the option of choosing the Spanish system from the age of 12, depending on the individual aspirations of each student.

Our school has been recognised by El Mundo as one of the 100 best international schools in Spain, and is one of only 5 schools in Andalucía to have achieved this recognition. However, we are ambitious and seek to build on our solid foundations with the aim of continually improving opportunities for our students.

We are sure you will be impressed with the wide range of opportunities we offer, and we are pleased to be able to share them with you.

Why choose us?

  • We are only one campus, but we have three schools: EYFS and Primary School (British System), Secondary and Sixth Form (British System) and ESO/Bachillerato (Spanish System).
  • We possess a relentless focus on learning and constant improvement.
  • Our vision is that all students will achieve more than they anticipated, which will be reflected in academic results.
  • We offer the Cambridge English Programme for our international students leading towards external assessments in the International Language Framework.
  • Music, arts and technology are celebrated in our school, giving every child the opportunity to embrace their creativity and develop their confidence.
  • Our school is operated by the International Schools Partnership (ISP) and our students work alongside their peers in sister schools all around the globe, giving you child an international network of connections.

School Story

At Laude San Pedro International College, we strive to be the international school of choice for the national and expatriate community in Marbella, pursuing academic excellence whilst reflecting the identity of our students in all of our work and school celebrations.

Our educational provision, offering the full British Curriculum (the International Primary Curriculum, GCSEs and ALevels) and Spanish equivalent (ESO and Bachillerato) in a contented and inclusive environment is unique in the area. Furthermore, our cutting-edge learning technology, state of the art performing arts programmes and sports facilities are  even more factors that differentiate us from other schools.

Our GCSE and A Level results, as well as the Spanish Selectividad, are well above the national averages in both Spain and Britain. We constantly strive to maintain this status to ensure our students have the best opportunities to enter top universities worldwide and be successful in their future careers.

For international students who have just relocated, we also offer an extremely successful Accelerated English Programme and Personalised Student Services, so that they have the support they need to access the curriculum and progress.

School Promises

At Laude San Pedro International College, our vision is that every child will exceed their own expectations in a contented and inclusive environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to excel.

  • Your child will be in a happy learning environment. We will work alongside families to create an environment in which all children are excited to come to school and learn in new and fascinating ways.
  • Your child wil be safe. We protect all children in school and provide the education, support, and services which will enable them to learn how to grow into healthy and resilient individuals, with the necessary skills to take care of themselves in the future.
  • Your child will have access to a world class learning experience. We will continuously evaluate our learning programmes to ensure that every child benefits from excellent academic and enriched curriculums.

School Values

Our whole community shares a mutual understanding of the personal qualities and values which we hope all of our students will demonstrate and uphold.



Being loyal to teachers and classmates and ultimately to oneself in order to become honest and honorable young adults.


Setting the highest personal goals and never giving up on one’s dreams; making the extraordinary happen.


Building a sense of community; working together for a common objective and nurturing long-lasting, sincere relationships.


Working consistently to achieve one’s personal best, both academically and beyond the classroom. Understanding that when we don’t achieve a goal first time, we learn to start again so that in time we will succeed.


Being sensitive to the needs of others, whilst celebrating our differences as well as the many things which unite us. Showing kindness and care towards everyone we encounter.