Welcome to Laude San Pedro

Welcome to Laude’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Primary department. Our focus on child-centered learning means we have high aspirations for what every child can achieve.

Our EYFS classes emphasize these expectations through their focus on creating the best possible first learning experiences for each child. The teaching team focus on laying secure foundations for each child’s future learning and development, while embracing and enhancing this early stage in children’s life, not just in education.

As the children move through Primary where learning becomes more formalized, it is important to us that we maintain our child-oriented approach. We aim to create independent, confident learners by focusing on learning skills and behaviours, while increasing academic rigor as the child ages.

No matter the age, we want the very best for each and every child.

Warm regards,

Nicky de Comarmond
Head of Primary

Our aim at Laude San Pedro is to provide an environment where every child feels safe, happy, and motivated to learn. As a Primary school, it is important that we provide the most secure foundations from which each child can fulfil their academic and personal potential.

In order to achieve this aim, our Primary school follows the British curriculum which focuses on children’s developmental readiness for learning. At each stage, the structure allows the children to extend their knowledge, skills and, understanding.

The Primary school has distinct phases:


Our intention at this key stage is to build secure foundations for learning as a platform for success. The curriculum is designed to balance both academic and creative subjects through a wide breadth of study. Students are introduced to a range of new learning experiences whilst still being nurtured as young individuals at the beginning of their learning journey.


At this stage,the standard curriculum and the creative development are still balanced in the child´s education. However, in key stage 2, there is more of an emphasis on language development.