Laude San Pedro International College aims that all students will consistently get better over time. We support their learning through a strong student-centred curriculum and a wide range of enriched activities. The school recognises and nurtures each student’s skills and abilities to encourage fellow students at different stages of learning.

Learning Journey



Through creative play, children develop language, personal, social and intellectual skills whilst exploring their environment and emotions. Within the seven areas of learning, teachers observe and assess children in order to create individualised programmes to enhance students’ learning experiences.



Our intention at this key stage is to build secure foundations for learning as a platform for success. The curriculum is designed to balance both academic and creative subjects with a wide breadth of study. Students are introduced to a range of new learning experiences whilst still being nurtured as young individuals at the beginning of their learning journey.



At this key stage, we are developing confident, independent learners. Depth of knowledge, skills, and understanding continue to be developed through literacy, numeracy, and project-based learning. Students have the opportunity to select a third language, which they will continue to study during their secondary education. Students take on extra responsibilities as members of the school community through extracurriculars and participation in events.



Students are given a strong foundation in the secondary curriculum by studying a broad range of academic subjects combined with PE and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education). In addition, the students follow a creative arts carousel (Music, Drama, and Art) and a STEM carousel (Food Technology, Business Enterprise, Robotics, and Extended Project Qualification). We encourage our students to develop new skills and to understand how they can improve their learning.


YEARS 10-11

Students study a core of Maths, English, Science, languages, PE, and PSHE with optional GCSE subjects. Students select optional GCSEs and enjoy in-depth learning tailored to their personal interests and strengths.


YEARS 12-13

Students study a highly specialised set of subjects which reflect their university aspirations and receive personal support for their future career choices. They also participate in an enrichment curriculum and have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within school.

1º-2º ESO

Students follow the Spanish ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) programme with a core of Maths, Spanish, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences together with some additional subjects (Drama, Food Technology, Robotics). Up to 65% of the subjects are taught in the English language so that students graduate with high levels of both English and Spanish.

3º-4º ESO

Students follow the same programme but the percentage of subjects taught in English decreases slightly to prepare them for Bachillerato. In 4º ESO the students choose either Humanities or Sciences; both routes share core subjects: Spanish Language, History, and English.


Students have a choice of subject routes and the option to prepare for the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exams. As well as in-school assessments, students prepare for two Selectividad examinations at the end of Year 13 in order to increase their potential maximum grade to 14 points.


Our Learning Support Service monitors all Laude students to make sure that their learning and well-being are supported and their experience at school life is as positive as it can be. We take a holistic view of difficulties, whether long-standing or temporary, and interpret them as not being inherent to the child, but rather the result of various individual, school, social and family factors. We aim to gather a full perspective of the difficulty through close consultations with class teachers and parents, as well as individual or group working programmes.

At Laude San Pedro International College we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and we believe it is our responsibility to look for both strengths and weaknesses in every child in order to maximize their academic, social, and emotional potential.