At Laude San Pedro International College we offer two internal scholarships each with a value of 50% of tuition fees; one for the British system for Year 12 & 13 and the other for the Spanish system for Bachillerato 1 and 2.

The scholarships are awarded according to the following criteria:

  1. Application Form to be completed and submitted in hard copy to either or as appropriate, by 31 August.
  2. To a large degree these are academic scholarships and they are awarded to the students who have achieved outstanding grades at ESO and GCSE whilst studying ESO 4 or Year 11 at Laude San Pedro International College. However, having the highest academic result does not automatically mean that you will be awarded the scholarship. We are an inclusive school and we are always seeking to reward individual achievement.
  3. An interview with the leadership team to outline how you will contribute to the school community throughout the last two years of their academic career here at Laude San Pedro. This has to be a real project, duty role inside the school which the student creates and delivers throughout their post-16 studies.

We hope that all students will strive to achieve outstanding grades and will feel confident that they can make a very positive contribution to the school life of their peers.

Position: School Principal

Position: Head of Secondary and Sixth Form

Position: Head of ESO & Bachillerato